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About the Program 

We are very happy to invite you to the the most comprehensive Myo Munchee education event ever. “Protocols for a New Generation” is the first of an international educational series for the long awaited Myo Munchee Manual. We will be presenting our clinical protocols from Dental, Myofunctional and Manual Therapy perspectives. This will be a unique opportunity to not only learn Myo Munchee best practices, but also to network with like-minded professionals to build your own referral system & team in your own city.

Learning Outcomes from this Course:

  • Understand exact protocols for using Myo Munchee within professional scope and condition types, including condition management for: myofunctional and soft tissue disorders, sleep and breathing disorders, the special needs population, oral hygiene and dental conditions, and older populations

  • Understand Munchee sizing, what to use & when, and how to work with age group needs

  • Take away practical applications for the Munchee you can “use on Monday”

Course Format:

  • Lectures and history/cases and theory of Myo Munchee

  • Practical demonstrations and exercises using your Munchee

  • Comprehensive course manual

  • Profession specific break-outs for the following professions: Dental, Myofunctional Therapy, Manual Therapy

  • Question and discussion time

  • Networking and multi-disciplinary team building

Course Presenters



Mary has a unique and experiential perspective on children’s health and development - particularly as it relates to oral facial function. The daughter of pioneering Australian dentist Dr Kevin Bourke, she grew up surrounded by his passion for human health and learning about the intricacies of oral facial growth, breathing and the origins of human nutrition. Mary has been in Chiropractic Practice for over 28 years and is a great believer in the synergistic benefits of working with other health practitioners in a collaborative approach. This belief in collaboration has been very much a part of the philosophy behind Myo Munchee and is critical to getting best patient outcomes for oral facial and cranial growth, neurology and function of the stomatognathic system. One of her key professional goals with both chiropractic care and as the CEO of Myo Munchee is to spread the word about the benefits of chewing and the denaturing effects of long term pacifier use.



Since graduating from RMIT Chiropractic in 1985 Dr Peter Bourke has been in private practice in Melbournes CBD. He has had an ongoing clinical interest in the Cranio-Dental field and has attended numerous courses by many and varied chiropractic and dental TMD professionals. Peter will share his key concepts in the management of TMD for manual therapists.



Dr Dan Hanson is a dentist (BDS) and Buteyko breathing educator (MBIBH) who since 2011 has limited his practice to early interceptive treatment of soft tissue dysfunction, breathing dysfunction and malocclusion. Since 2014 his focus has been laser frenectomy procedures and correction of oral dysfunction. Working in a team with a collaborative approach to care is a key feature of his philosophy. Dan has lectured to professional audiences on a regular basis since 2012, with locations including London, Lyon, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Auckland. His topics include Tongue Tie as well as myofunctional orthodontic . He is co-founder of both Myofocus and The Tongue Tie Institute.



Sarah graduated with a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene in 2008. Her desire to find new ways to help her patients led her to train in myofunctional therapy soon after she started working as a hygienist. As she learned more about her own orofacial myofunctional symptoms, she became increasingly interested in getting to the root cause of not only oral myofunctional problems, but poor health in general. Sarah’s passion for helping people drove her to investigate how the airway, craniofacial development, breathing, and the tongue are linked to our overall health, sleep, and wellbeing. 

She’s been practicing myofunctional therapy for the past 10 years and has gone on to run a highly successful online practice called Faceology. She also established a unique educational institute that trains dentists, hygienists, and other health professionals in myofunctional therapy called MyoMentor.


COLE CLAYTON (via video)

Cole is the founder and director of Happy Kids Klinic based in Byron Bay, NSW. Through his own personal health journey suffering undiagnosed Sleep Disordered Breathing as a child and young adult, he has developed a unique perspective on breathing retraining and coaching. He works primarily with children to assist them retrain their breathing and oral habits. He holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Rehabilitation, a Bachelor of Clinical Science majoring in human structure and function and is currently undertaking a Masters of Osteopathic Medicine.